Spa Capsule Water Massage

Spa Capsule provides a perfect simulated environment, where you can create a unique moment in time to disconnect from the daily concerns of life and submerse into an invigorating and relaxing oasis of pleasure and relaxation.
  •   Remain clothed and dry
  •   A unique stimulation of the senses
  •   Session time 15 Minutes
  •   Personalised massage programming
  •   The benefits of a hands on massage

TOUCH   A pliable, waterproof shield is housed in the lid of the capsule, with pulsating jets of warm water moving over your body, without getting wet. Either a full body massage or a specific area options add to greater versatility.

VISUAL   colour therapy or escapism through a virtual relaxation show of ever changing scenes.

AUDIO   A built in sound system will surround you with music, taking your mind to an inner place.

AROMA   You will enjoy pleasant fragrances and stimulation of the olfactory nerves from aromatherapy, either soothing or stimulating, to your requirements.

In as little as 5 minutes you’ll feel your tension melt away….and the best part is, you stay cosy and dry while the water jets work their magic.